Customer Insights & Market Data are increasingly linked to business growth

According to Kantar*, 78% of over-performing companies (on revenue growth) claim customer centricity is fully embraced by all functions. Only 12% of under-performing companies could claim the same. 

70% of B2B marketers say they are finding it harder to differentiate**

*Research conducted by Kantar Vermeer 

**Report: Creating Epic Customer Experiences (Marketo, 2019)

And data from our own 9Boxes™ management framework benchmark (over 4000 businesses) reveals that 71% of SMB’s have not asked how or why their clients buy from them.  

Understanding customer needs and your operating market are no longer ‘nice to haves’.

  • They are foundational inputs to business planning and marketing strategy.
  • They are our ‘outside-in’ voice.
  • They can lead to product/service differentiation – vital in increasingly competitive categories and against a backdrop of rising customer expectations.
  • Customer and Market knowledge leads to more confident decision making, likely to also reduce business risk.

Despite these benefits, many SMB’s neglect this vital part of the marketing process – due often to cost and/or limitations on time and competencies.

Recognising the need for a programme for businesses of all sizes we have developed an SMB focused offering

Affordable access to research services

Led by senior insights professionals with global and local experience

B2B and B2C options

Contemporary suite of tools: qual/quant, primary/secondary data, digital data

Supports foundational strategic work and ongoing marketing initiatives

Actionable, digestible outputs

Our services

Bringing ‘big business’ principles into the SMB way of working

Customer interviews

Competitor analysis

Buyer personas


Customer videos

Digital analytics

Social media listening

User experience videos

Ideation workshops

Concept tests (product, communication)

Customer journey mapping

Value proposition workshops

As part of our 9Boxes™ methodology and Strategic Market Assessment process, we are able to identify which customer insight and market data tools are recommended for your business and when.

How we have used customer insight to help SMB’s


  • Defined their point of difference
  • Created an advantage in the buyer’s journey
  • Understanding of their customers pain points

Medical services

  • Clarified referral relationships
  • Developed stakeholder segmentation
  • Understanding key messages

Food services

  • Clearly defined target customer
  • Defined key channel influencers
  • Sharpened value proposition

Grow your business through customer insight


We already have good customer relationships and speak to them all the time. Are we not doing this already?

How will I use the customer insights?

How will customer insights drive revenue?

Isn’t customer research for big business?

How frequently do I need to be doing research?

How do we know what to ask them?

What’s the benefit of using a third party?

Is 10 customer interviews enough?

What about internal insights with my team?

We're only a small business – is some investment in research better than none?

How quickly can you do a customer interview project and what is your process?

Which customers and stakeholders do we need to speak to?

Is social listening an 'always on' requirement or can it be 'moment in time'?

How do I know what types of customer/market data I need and when?

I have heard a lot about customer experience, but how do I know what to invest time/money in?

Does this service look at new customers and markets or only existing customers?