We're hiring

We’re expanding quickly and currently recruiting a global team of independent, 9Boxes-accredited strategists to join our ThreeBy3 team, to assess and deliver marketing strategy for our rapidly growing pool of clients.

You’ll be working on a range of ambitious SMB clients so corporate experience is essential, it’s what our clients value us for. You will need to demonstrate marketing best practice at all times as you help our clients understand this important business function; opening them up to new processes and thinking. You will have a natural ability to connect – inspiring our clients and keeping them accountable at the same time.

Along with all the usual perks you’ll gain flexibility, autonomy and the opportunity to deliver your craft alongside a powerhouse brains trust of like-minded peers. If you were the kid always asking ‘why?’, we want to hear from you.

Does this sound like you?

If you like the sound of what we do – send your CV, along with your answers to these 6 questions in an email to our Community Manager, Andrea Gibson.

  1. Which part of this outline made you the most excited, and why?
  2. Highlight for us your most relevant previous experience and briefly explain to us why you think it is relevant
  3. Considering your whole self (personality, passion, experience), what do you bring to the table that will help us? Why should we want to pick up the phone and chat to you over other candidates?
  4. Briefly tell us what you know about the SME sector and how you think you could deliver to our brief
  5. Tell us what experience you have in the corporate sector that is most relevant to the role
  6. What is your current work situation, and why does this role appeal to you?

Maximizing revenue growth in your own business or your clients’ starts with a conversation.