Our Queensland-based client turning over $23 million wanted to increase its revenue and grow to $80 million.

With the client, we identified two potential growth areas: expanding into a new state and acquiring a business in a parallel sector that complemented their core business.

For geographical growth, our research uncovered a niche market. Large corporate organisations and small, family-owned businesses existed—but nothing serving the mid-tier space, which was particularly attractive to the size of clients they served.

Our client entered the market on a service play and spent 12 months warming-up the market, raising awareness and building relationships.

We also guided our client to acquire the right business—one that fit in terms of culture and values.

Our client is now well on its way to achieving its revenue growth goals and is expanding its reach into a new sector.

I fell in love with the 9 BoxesTM because it’s so real and really relates to actual businesses, and it enabled us to see clearly where we needed help.  The process has really opened our eyes to how a marketing strategy helps a business get its products to the right market. 

Steven George, CEO Sunfresh Linen